Detection of DDoS Attack Using SDN in IoT: A Survey

  • P. J. Beslin PajilaEmail author
  • E. Golden Julie
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies book series (LNDECT, volume 33)


IOT: Internet of Things is a developing technique, it is the system of vehicles, home apparatuses, physical gadgets, and different things installed with hardware, programming, sensors, actuators, and system availability which empower these items to associate and trade data. IOT is made out of vast number of various end frameworks associated with web. Physical gadgets installed with RFID, sensor, etc. which enables item to communicate with one another. Security is a serious issue because all the heterogeneous end systems are communicated with each other through internet.


RFID Internet of Things IoT DDoS Security DDoS attack SDN 


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