Smart City Traffic Control System

  • Kakan Adwani
  • N. RakeshEmail author
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Part of the Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies book series (LNDECT, volume 33)


Traffic light control systems are widely used to control the flow of the traffic in smart city. Due to rapid increase and continuous flow of the vehicles there is a lot of traffic congestion and people tend to break the traffic rules risking their life. Pedestrians are meant for the people to cross the road who are on foot but the vehicles are there on the pedestrians. At times breaking the traffic rule might lead to accidents. At night street lights are on even though the street is empty, which is a waste of energy and is a serious issue. So as to reduce the traffic congestion and make the people follow the traffic rules we propose “Smart City Traffic Control System”. It consists of a dynamic traffic light control system (based upon the density), a laptop camera (for monitoring and it will record the video in case if traffic rule has been broken, this recording will be stored and mailed to the traffic police department), a GSM module (to notify the traffic police department via SMS that a traffic rule has been broken, TSOP sensor, Arduino Mega Microcontroller, LEDs.


Dynamic traffic light control system Camera (lato) GSM module TSOP sensor Arduino Mega Microcontroller LEDs 


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