An Approach for Generating SQL Query Using Natural Language Processing

  • Priyanka MoreEmail author
  • Bharti KudaleEmail author
  • Pranali DeshmukhEmail author
  • Indira N. BiswasEmail author
  • Neha J. MoreEmail author
  • Francisco S. GomesEmail author
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Part of the Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies book series (LNDECT, volume 33)


Today’s databases of corporations are so huge, that they can only be approached by experienced programmers. Accessing data from a database usually needs notable skills such as knowledge of SQL; however, the most of us who interact with databases every day don’t have that background. Hence it’s an increase demand for non-technical user to be able to redeem data from databases without having to list SQL queries. And this problem is solved by using approach of Natural Language Processing. This research work presents an approach for querying system for natural language processing. Hence it will dramatically simplify the process of handling with large data and making data available for everyone.


Natural Language Processing Tokenization Tagging Relational database Semantic analysis SQL query 


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