A Review on Infrared and Visible Image Fusion Techniques

  • Ami Patel
  • Jayesh ChaudharyEmail author
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The term fusion means in moderate approach to extract the information acquired in several domains. The term infrared and visible image fusion has been intended to find compatible fused image with detailed textures of visible images and an impressive infrared object area. We therefore combine infrared and visible images to create solitary image. Current real - time applications that encourage image fusion including military surveillance, automate agricultural, object recognition, remote sensing, and medical applications. The concept of merging two or more than two images using the various image fusion schemes. This paper begins with the background information on the image fusion. Secondly, infrared and visible image fusion rest on multi-scale transformation of existing techniques are reviewed with all the merits and demerits of the same table lists. Further section elaborates fusion strategies and fusion performance evaluation metrics are summarized.


Infrared image Visible image Image fusion Infrared and visible image fusion 


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