Direct Payment of Scholarships to Church-Related Colleges

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This article discusses a scholarship program designed for the purpose of enticing Arkansas’s best and brightest students to attend Arkansas public and private institutions of higher education. While perhaps well-intentioned, the program suffers from fatal constitutional infirmities. In section “II. The Program,” we discuss the program. Section “III. The Constitution” relates it to the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution. We then examine in section “IV. The Cases” several cases as they relate to Titles VI of the Civil Rights Act. Section “V. Title VI and Disparate Impact” offers a proposal to achieve the ends of the program that is not offensive to the Constitution and the disparate impact requirements of Title VI. Section “VI. The Cure” offers a constitutional cure for this malady. In section “VII. Libertarian Philosophy,” we introduce the libertarian philosophy and then discuss in section “VIII. Educational Philosophy” the educational policy implied by this philosophy. We conclude in section “IX. Conclusion.”


Church-related colleges Direct payment of scholarships Arkansas public and private institutions Titles VI of the Civil Rights Act 

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