Functional Languages in Design of Coloured Petri Nets Models

  • Štefan KorečkoEmail author
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10094)


Coloured Petri nets are a formal method that allows to create sophisticated event-driven models. In addition, there exists a software tool, called CPN Tools, which provides a support for creation, simulation and state space-based verification of CPN models. An interesting feature of CPN Tools is that it uses CPN ML, a slightly modified version of the SML functional language, for data manipulation. In this chapter we describe basic concepts of Coloured Petri nets (CPN), SML and CPN ML and by means of an example illustrate how CPN ML can be used to build a concrete, timed CPN model from an abstract, low-level Petri net model in such a way that the structure of the abstract model is preserved. We also explore possibilities of already existing SML code utilization in CPN models.


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