Benign Renal Epithelial / Epithelial and Stromal Tumors

  • Dilek Ertoy Baydar


Benign renal neoplasms are heterogeneous group of tumors with a broad spectrum of distinctive ontogeny, histology, and biology. They are classified into renal cell tumors, metanephric tumors, mesenchymal tumors, and mixed epithelial and stromal tumors. Although some exhibit characteristic anatomic distribution and imaging features, histologic evaluation is usually required to reach final diagnosis due to overlapping findings between benign and malignant renal proliferations.


Kidney mass Renal oncocytoma Oncocytosis Mixed epithelial and stromal tumor Cystic nephroma Papillary adenoma of the kidney Metanephric neoplasms of the kidney Metanephric adenoma Metanephric adenofibroma Metanephric stromal tumor 


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