Happy Together: Reversing the Archetypal Roles

  • Kim-mui E. Elaine ChanEmail author
Part of the East Asian Popular Culture book series (EAPC)


This chapter unfolds how Happy Together diegetically swaps the roles of the masochistic male and homme fatale, and thus problematizes the protagonists’ conception of identities at home and overseas. The film’s representation of the nomadic subjectivity that vacillates between other subject positions enables the film to both engage and disengage the spectator-subject from the hegemony of the master-narrative, mainstream culture and ideology. This book argues that the reinvested noirish symbiotic relationship is de-centring the narrative to enhance re-conception and reflexivity of the diegetic situations. The film appropriates classical elements, which eventually disrupts the narrative structures of classical films noirs and road movies, and thus engages the spectators in a process of self-conscious rereading of the notions of identity and identification.

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