Anomalous Termination of Coronary Arteries

  • Randy Ray Richardson


Coronary artery fistulas are anomalies of termination of the coronary arteries. Coronary artery fistulas are defined by a direct precapillary connection between a branch of a coronary artery and the lumen of a chamber of the heart or great vessel, typically pulmonary artery or inferior vena cava (IVC). These fistulas more commonly terminate in a lower pressure chamber of the heart such as the right ventricle or right atrium or a low-pressure great vessel such as the pulmonary artery or IVC. The coronary fistula to the right ventricle is most common (41%) [1] with termination into the right atrium accounting for 26% and pulmonary artery 17% [1].


Coronary fistulas Coronary sinusoids Pulmonic atresia 


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