An Order Fulfillment Model Based on Lean Supply Chain: Coffee’s Case Study in Cusco, Peru

  • Jorginho GomezEmail author
  • Gino AlburquequeEmail author
  • Edgar Ramos
  • Carlos RaymundoEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1026)


Coffee is one of the most important cash crops in Peru, a significant source of employment and income, and a great demander of inputs, goods, and services. We synthesized and analyzed the findings to propose improvements and foster the long-term growth of small- and medium-sized cooperatives. Our improvement proposal is based on the supply chain models implemented in the industry. The research also relied on information sources from researchers with experience in the assessment and analysis of the perishable food supply chain in different scenarios worldwide.


Lean supply chain management Agribusiness Order fulfillment Supply chain management Coffee 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Ingeniería IndustrialUniversidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC)LimaPeru
  2. 2.Dirección de InvestigaciónUniversidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC)LimaPeru

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