Intravesical Therapies

  • Cecilia Yu
  • Bob Yang
  • Steve FoleyEmail author
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Intravesical therapy is a localised treatment where a liquid drug is administered directly into the bladder via a urinary catheter, bypassing the oral or intravenous route and thus minimising side effects, as its effect is solely limited to the bladder where it needs to act. Intravesical therapies are already widely used in clinical practice as an adjuvant additional treatment for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer, following surgical endoscopic resection. In recent years, intravesical therapy has also been used to in the treatment of chronic cystitis and prophylactic treatment for recurrent UTIs. This involves either intravesical antibiotic irrigation or instillations of Cystistat® or Ialuril® to restore the bladder glycosaminoglycans (GAG) layer.


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