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The German Revolution does not yet have a detailed historical presentation to speak of that covers its course so far. The literature about it up to now consists of summary descriptions of its emergence and initial development, writings about certain events, or the effect of certain people on its course, critical tracts about the policy of its parties, writings about legal cases, official and unofficial reports and proclamations of various kinds, and other government and party records. Many of these are kept remarkably objective, others are characterised by tendentious partisanship, which does not shy away from crudely falsifying facts; some reports, especially the reports of the investigative commission of the Prussian Landesversammlung [Land Assembly] about the fateful disturbances in Berlin in January 1919, offer up highly valuable material, but even this has only partly been systematically processed—in short, there is a respectable number of publications on the history of the Revolution available, but as yet no more comprehensive historical work about it.

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