The General Situation in the First Months of the Republic

  • Marius S. OstrowskiEmail author


In the science of living creatures, called biology, it is an insight based on experience and experimental examination that organisms become less and less capable of change the higher a stage of development they have blossomed to as far as the specialisation, formation, and functional cooperation of their organs is concerned. With some restrictions arising from the nature of things, this is also the case for the social organisms that we call states or, at an earlier stage of development, tribes [Stämme] and peoples [Völkerschaften]. The less elaborate they are, the more easily they can bear measures targeted at their radical restructuring. But the more multifaceted their inner structure, the more elaborate their division of labour and the cooperation of their organs already is, the greater the danger of grave damage to their living capacities, if an attempt is made to radically restructure their form and content through the use of forceful means in a short time. Regardless of whether they accounted for this theoretically or not, the authoritative leaders of Social Democracy grasped this from their insight into their actual conditions, and oriented their practice in the Revolution accordingly.

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