Finally Fresh Air: Towards a Quantum Paradigm for Artists and Other Observers

  • Julian Voss-AndreaeEmail author
  • George Weissmann
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Quantum Theory, developed in the first quarter of the 20th century, has become the most widely applicable, successfully predictive theory of physics, but has long remained mysterious as a description of reality. What has been obstructing our understanding are deeply ingrained presuppositions about the nature of reality. Freed from these presuppositions, a new world view is emerging in which connectedness and consciousness play a fundamental role. Quantum Theory offers us glimpses of different ways of dealing with each other and with our world. Voss-Andreae’s ‘Quantum Sculptures’ give expression to these emerging insights in their evolution from a literal analog to physics toward freely capturing key facets of the lessons learned through quantum physics. This article discusses this body of work in relation to Weissmann’s work on an emerging ‘quantum paradigm’ in the hopes of inspiring new ways to transcend our current paradigm and helping to get these embryonic ideas out into the cultural mainstream.


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