Ethical Behaviour Aspects of Autonomous Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems

  • Damien TrentesauxEmail author
  • Stamatis Karnouskos
Conference paper
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 853)


Industry 4.0 fosters the development of more autonomous and intelligent cyber-physical systems that interact with humans in open environments. While the technical aspects are heavily researched, the same does not hold for the accompanying ethical issues that are relevant for the design, development, operation, and maintenance of such systems. In engineering teams and industrialists at large, ethical behavior aspects of autonomous intelligent cyber-physical systems are often seen as an add-on and are rarely appropriately considered during system engineering. The aim of this work is firstly to understand the reluctance of researchers and industrialists and secondly, to justify the need to address ethical considerations in all lifecycle phases of autonomous intelligent cyber-physical systems. A case study in train transportation exemplifies some of the issues discussed, and clearly shows that the development of autonomous intelligent cyber-physical systems without addressing their ethical behavior is incomplete.



Surferlab is a joint research lab with Bombardier and Prosyst, which is partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The authors wish to thank the European Union and the Nord–Pas-de-Calais in France for their support. This research work is also done in the context of the project EFIA “Ètude de faisabilité de l’intelligence artificielle pour le train autonome” (feasibility study on artificial intelligence for the autonomous train) and “train fret autonome” (autonomous freight train), both funded by the SNCF in collaboration with IRT Railenium research institute. The authors would like to thank the SNCF for its support. Parts of the work presented in this paper are carried out in the context of the HUMANISM No ANR-17-CE10-0009 research program, funded by the French ANR “Agence Nationale de la Recherche”. This paper contains elements discussed during workshops led within the context of the project “Droit des robots et autres avatars de l’humain” (robots and other human avatar rights) of the IDEX “Université et Cité” of Strasbourg University.


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