Regional Anesthesia in Patients with Spine Pain

  • Linda Hung
  • Jingping WangEmail author


Regional anesthesia has increasing applications in the perioperative setting, and for patients with spine pain, these techniques can be crucial for preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative pain management. Patients with spine pain often present for both spine-related and non-spine, non-orthopedic surgeries. In the perioperative setting, analgesia can be challenging for patients with spine pain, as they may be tolerant to many pain medications, and report higher pain levels both at baseline and after surgery. Nonetheless, the appropriate use of regional anesthesia can provide excellent, targeted pain control perioperatively, in a variety of settings. Regional anesthesia can also be used as primary anesthetics for patients with chronic pain presenting for both spine and non-spine surgeries.


Regional anesthesia Neuraxial techniques Multimodal analgesia Spine pain Spinal surgery Perioperative pain management Thoracolumbar interfascial plane block (TLIP) 


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