Medial Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty: Indications and Technique

  • Brian C. FullerEmail author
  • Tad L. Gerlinger


Medial unicompartmental knee arthroplasty is an excellent surgical option for the treatment of isolated medial compartment arthritis. Modern implants demonstrate outstanding function and survivorship. Additionally, the procedure is less demanding for both the surgeon and the patient. The potential for enhanced patient recovery utilizing straightforward surgical techniques and same-day surgery protocols has helped repopularize the procedure. Exceptional clinical results persist even as contemporary indications expand. Moreover, unicompartmental knee arthroplasty is associated with a lower occurrence of complications and mortality. The most common modes of failure for fixed-bearing medial unicompartmental knee arthroplasty are progression of adjacent compartment arthritis and aseptic loosening. Revision results closely approximate that of a revision total knee arthroplasty.


Medial Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty Fixed bearing 


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