Error Estimates of Approximations for the Complex Valued Integral Transforms

  • Andrea Aglić AljinovićEmail author
Part of the Springer Optimization and Its Applications book series (SOIA, volume 151)


In this survey paper error estimates of approximations in complex domain for the Laplace and Mellin transform are given for functions f which vanish beyond a finite domain \(\left [ a,b\right ] \subset \left [ 0,\infty \right \rangle \) and whose derivative belongs to \(L_{p}\left [ a,b \right ] \). New inequalities involving integral transform of f, integral mean of f and exponential and logarithmic mean of the endpoints of the domain of f are presented. These estimates enable us to obtain two associated numerical quadrature rules for each transform and error bounds of their remainders.


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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsUniversity of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and ComputingZagrebCroatia

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