National Policies

  • James E. Goodby
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The policies of nation-states, including the United States, have evolved piecemeal in reaction to globalization. Some policies have been too timid; others too bold and aggressive. On balance, most have failed to set the right priorities with regard to how problems affect core national interests. In particular, the wars the United States has started and fought in the Middle East have called into question America’s ability to set the right priorities in that region. The failure of U.S. policies toward China and Russia to set in place viable, productive relationships is also notable. Finally, the framing of policy choices as general preferences (unilateral or multilateral, strong or heavy, force or diplomacy) and their politicization, have further alienated Americans and their leaders from the careful, objective matching of means to ends.


Afghanistan China Iraq Iran Russia Syria Militarization War on terror Retreat 

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