Playing a Part at Major Moments

  • Dietmar Nickel
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This chapter considers the development rather through the memories of the MEPs who lived through the period and were active participants. They witnessed the Parliament’s passage from being merely a consultative body to becoming a co-decider on an equal footing with the Council. They saw how it moved from having no role to now electing the Commission President as well as the entire Commission after its individual members have all taken part in public confirmation hearings. They also experienced setbacks, such as not being able to establish a single seat for its activities and not managing to obtain a definitive say on the revenue side of the EU budget. They lived a dramatic period of change in EU history which will be sketched out in this chapter by looking at some particularly significant moments.


European Parliament Budgetary powers Single seat Spinelli Draft Treaty Convention Codecision Election of the Commission President Assizes 

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