Fusion and Enhancement Techniques for Processing of Multispectral Images

  • Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal


With recent advances in sensor technology, several sensors are being extensively used to continuously monitor agriculture areas to have better yield. These sensors, which include Red, Green, Blue(RGB) cameras, thermal cameras, infrared radiation (IR) cameras, multispectral sensors, and hyperspectral sensors are either ground based sensors or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) based sensors. While ground based sensors do not have limitation of sensor size and weight in most of the cases, however, the field of data capture of such sensors is limited as compared to sensors mounted on UAVs. In this chapter, various techniques to capture imagery of agriculture fields using several sensors are discussed with special focus on enhancement and fusion techniques used for processing of multispectral images. Although several methods are available in literature, which work in either spatial domain or frequency domain to enhance multispectral images, however, each of those methods suffer from their own drawbacks. Existing multispectral image fusion methods directly take images captured using different wavelengths of electromagnetic spectrum and fuse them based on template matching, feature based or several other techniques. Such methods are quick in performing fusion task, however, the required information is sometimes missed or redundant information is embedded in the fused image causing large size of multispectral image. The images are enhanced based on histogram equalization and homomorphic filtering before applying fusion algorithm. Experiments were conducted on a range of multispectral images and fusion results obtained are promising.


Multispectral images Homomorphic filtering Fusion Histogram equalization Remote sensing 


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