Improvement of the Quality of Aeronautical Products Stelia Tunisia

  • Safa MathlouthiEmail author
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The major challenge of any company nowadays is to master Quality, Cost and Delivery QCD of its products by optimizing its manufacturing process. In this context, STELIA Tunisia specialized in the aeronautical field has launched this project to improve the quality of its manufactured products in the assembly unit(Panels and frames of lower fuselage and front fuselage). Through a diagnosis, we identified the production line then the nonconformities with the highest Cost Of Poor Quality COPQ. the assembly line of lower fuselage 13–14 is concerned, more particularly nonconformity type “rejects”. Following a clear root causes analysis, we concluded that these nonconformities are mainly due to a lack of supervision, quality control and organization. Hence the need to deploy a new strategy for monitoring its processes through the implementation of process monitoring and control plans.


Process monitoring plan FMECA process Checkpoints 5S 


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  1. 1.General Direction of Technological Studies, High Institute of Technological Studies of KelibiaNabeulTunisia

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