Novel CT Acquisition

  • Lifeng YuEmail author


With major advances in x-ray source and detector technology during past decades, CT exams can be performed with much improved volume coverage speed, spatial resolution, temporal resolution, and radiation dose efficiency. Many innovative CT acquisition techniques have been developed, aiming to enable novel clinical applications, improve diagnostic performance, and reduce radiation dose. This chapter will provide an overview on various advanced data acquisition techniques, including axial scan with large area detector, dynamic or perfusion scan with shuttle mode, helical fast pitch scan on dual-source scanners, helical scan with variable pitch, organ-based tube current modulation, automatic selection of optimal tube potential, ECG-gated cardiac scan, dual-energy and multi-energy scan, and dynamic bowtie filter.


Computed tomography CT Multi-detector CT (MDCT) Multi-slice CT 



The author would like to thank Drs. James Kofler and Liqiang Ren for helping on some of the figures and Ms. Kris Nunez for preparing the manuscript.


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