Cone-Beam CT Systems

  • Jeffrey H. SiewerdsenEmail author


Cone-beam CT (CBCT) systems have emerged in a broad variety of forms and clinical applications. The diversity of platforms includes open-gantry C-arms and U-arms as well as closed-gantry rings. Applications span a spectrum of image-guided interventions (e.g., image-guided radiotherapy, surgery, and interventional radiology) and specialty diagnostic imaging procedures (e.g., dental, ENT, breast, and orthopedics). This chapter surveys the general principles and characteristics of CBCT in comparison and in contrast to multi-detector CT (MDCT). Aspects of particular note include system geometry, x-ray source and detector, 3D image acquisition and reconstruction techniques, image quality characteristics, artifacts, dosimetry, primary areas of clinical application, and regulatory considerations.


Cone-beam CT Multi-detector CT Flat-panel detector Volumetric imaging 3D image reconstruction Artifact correction Image quality C-arm Image-guided interventions 


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