Anatomy of a Successful Grant Proposal

  • Rosemarie Fernandez
  • Shawna J. Perry
  • Mary D. PattersonEmail author


The mechanics of writing a research proposal are addressed elsewhere in this text (see Chap. 33). In this chapter we will address the factors that are relevant to the successful funding of a grant proposal. The scientific basis of a research proposal is paramount, but other factors, often termed ‘grantsmanship’, influence reviewers’ perceptions and evaluations of a research proposal. This chapter uses the example of a United States based federal grant application, but this information is applicable to a variety of funding mechanisms.

The authors of this chapter have been successfully funded and served as grant reviewers for governmental agencies, private foundations and international agencies. The information presented here will assist the applicant in understanding the mechanics of grant review from the reviewer’s perspective as well as methods to create enthusiasm for the application in the reviewers.


Specific aims Grantsmanship Research question Approach Review Resubmission 


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