Dismantling and Desoldering

  • Muammer Kaya
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This chapter emphasizes dismantling and desoldering techniques for electronic component and solder removal from the e-waste/WPCBs. Details and development in thermal and chemical desoldering for disassembly are covered extensively. Melting stoves, IR heating, hot fluid heating, and industrial waste heat use are introduced in thermal treatment process. Drum; tunnel; rod-brush and scanning-laser type desoldering automatic/semi-automatic WPCB dismantling machines are broadly explained. Industrial-scale equipment details and applications are presented. Heating with heat transfer liquids and chemical dissolving treatment, which damages ECs, are also mentioned. Sensing technologies, eco-design, design for disassembly, and active disassembly concepts are introduced.


Dismantling  Desoldering  Disassembly  Thermal treatment  Dismantling machine 


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