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Summary and Comparison of WPCB Recycling Technologies

The manufacturing of EEE is a major demand sector for metals. E-waste/WEEE are an important secondary source of BMs, PMs, rare metals, and trace elements, and their processing through ecological technologies constitutes a major concern in the world and contributes significantly to the reduction of environmental pollution and preservation of valuable scarce resources of metals. Although state-of-the-art preprocessing facilities are optimized for recovering Fe and Cu, PMs and trace elements are often lost.

Proper management and safe disposal of e-waste has become an emerging issue worldwide. Disposal and incineration can pose threats to the whole environment, from the atmospheric to aquatic and terrestrial compartments. In recent years, recovery of metals from e-waste in the world has become increasingly important due to potential risk of strategic raw material and environmental concerns. WEEE recycling for the production of secondary...


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