Delivering Consistent and Equitable Healthcare

  • Gregory L. Hall


Being consistent and equitable in your care of African Americans is critical and has been key to decreasing a number of health disparities. Consistency (doing the same thing the same way each time) and equity (providing fair and impartial treatment) can at times be at odds because technically, they are not the same. What modern healthcare strives to do is be more consistent across populations, and this attempt at consistency frequently fails due to variability in access, insurance coverage, provider idiosyncrasies, and patient need. Chapter 3 reviews the numerous inferior outcomes in the clinical care of African American patients that are provider-driven, and therefore not based on socioeconomic status or lack of insurance. Health disparities exist because of a host of situations that most clinicians believe are ‘out of their control’ like poverty, access to insurance, or health literacy. This chapter shows specifically how providers contribute to poor outcomes in African Americans, and provides a rationale as to how it can be remedied.


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