Concluding Summary of Part I with a Schematic Representative Structure of Chaotic Reality

  • Kristina Loguinova
Part of the Economic and Financial Law & Policy – Shifting Insights & Values book series (EFLP, volume 4)


The concluding summary of part one summarizes the main points of the constructed theoretical anchor of part I and brings the developed Critical Legal Studies vocabulary together as well as the different taken stand in many identified debates in the context of the ontological status of CLS. An exercise which, when all is said and done, boils down to the fabrication of a personal story. That is, a personal story where the protagonist identifies herself as a twenty-first-century self-critical Crit with methodological syncretist (bricoleur) tendencies and an ethical pluralist outlook. Also, this concluding chapter contains a schematic representation illustrating the relationship between all the relevant concepts of this monograph which simultaneously brings together the Critical Legal Studies’ themes and techniques that are relevant for the subsequent research.


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