Follow-Up of a Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, Who Received Bone-Marrow Transplantation Four Decades Ago

  • Romina Dieli-Crimi
  • Teresa Español


  • Before the availability of gene therapy, bone marrow transplantation was the only available option for primary immunodeficiency diseases

  • This case demonstrates that long-term follow up is required even when grafting is complete, as the complete recovery of cellular immunity and humoral function occurs only in 50–60% of patients

  • Although partial immunity function is sufficient to prevent complications for some time, immunodeficiency may develop later in life due to the immunosenescence of the graft


Bone marrow transplantation Gene therapy Primary immunodeficiency diseases Immunosenescence 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Romina Dieli-Crimi
    • 1
  • Teresa Español
    • 1
  1. 1.Clinical Immunologist, Immunology UnitHospital Universitario Vall d’HebronBarcelonaSpain

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