Edema on Lower Limbs

  • Medeton Grâce Hounkpe
  • Léila Dangou
  • Josephiel Fortunato
  • Crescent Darius Cossou-Gbeto


  • Severe acute malnutrition presents with the child having a weight-for-height index of less than −3 standard deviations, or a weight-for-height index of less than 70% of the reference median, or a mean upper arm circumference of less than 115 mm

  • WHO recommends to start giving a protein and energy-poor mixture of F75 that is used during the treatment of infections and as long as anorexia persists

  • This can be graded up to F100 in the nutritional recovery phase, when the child is infectious free and has regained his appetite


Severe acute malnutrition Mean upper arm circumference WHO Weight-for-height 


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  • Medeton Grâce Hounkpe
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  • Josephiel Fortunato
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