Edema of Hands and Hypopigmented Lesions on Her Neck and Cheeks

  • Ana Luisa Rodríguez-Lozano
  • Marco Yamazaki-Nakashimada


  • Raynaud’s phenomenon is frequently a prodromal manifestation of systemic sclerosis

  • Arthralgia, weight loss, Raynaud’s phenomenon and dysphagia are red flags to consider the diagnosis of systemic sclerosis and refer the patient to a specialist

  • Myositis is frequently present as an overlapping disease with systemic sclerosis

  • Aggressive immunosuppressive therapy is indicated to prevent pulmonary, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal disease in systemic sclerosis


Raynaud’s phenomenon Systemic sclerosis Myositis Anti-topoisomerase 1 


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  • Marco Yamazaki-Nakashimada
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