Policing in Wartime: Without Any Disruption? General Introduction

  • Jonas CampionEmail author
  • Laurent López
  • Guillaume Payen
Part of the World Histories of Crime, Culture and Violence book series (WHCCV)


Introducing the present volume, this contribution elaborates a framework of interpretation for the understanding of the First World War in a policing perspective. It underlines the necessity of analysing the conflict with a global approach enabling a clear perception of the involvement, rationales, identities and wartime transformations of law-enforcement forces. This requires both a wider chronological remit—from the late nineteenth century to the Interwar Years—and a geographical survey crossing traditional boundaries between neutral and belligerent nations, centres and peripheries, frontline and rear areas. Finally, a proper examination requires a consideration of the diversity of actors involved in the law-enforcement apparatus and of their multiple assignments—whether as further developments of pre-war continuums or as adaptations to the exceptional circumstances of the Great War.

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  • Jonas Campion
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