Sexed Time

  • Chenyang Wang
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In this chapter, Chenyang Wang takes a comprehensive look at Lacan’s work on sexuality. The emphasis of this chapter is on the development of “sexed time” as a new epistemology through which the construction of sexual identity and the meaning of sexual difference can be understood. It is shown that the popular reading of the Freudian–Lacanian theory follows a logic of spatialisation and overlooks the role of time. Chenyang Wang’s reading of Freud’s Oedipal narrative reveals a new epistemological approach to the problem of sexual difference, which is characterised by Lacan’s idea of the future anterior. Through a radical redefinition of the formulas of sexuation in Lacan’s Seminar XX, Chenyang Wang develops a general theory of what becoming a sexed being means in the Symbolic and the Real, which gives various constructions of sexual identity in contemporary societies a positive account.

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  • Chenyang Wang
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