Lively Urban Spaces

  • Mariana de Cillo Malufe Spignardi
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The investigation aims to illustrate how design strategies, analyzed through a graphic method, can contribute in creating a lively and attractive urban space. It compares two parks, one located in the Global North and the other in the Global South. Parc La Villette, in Paris, and Parque da Juventude, in São Paulo, have similarities. Both are located within a dense urban fabric and can be considered a reference of open and green space in the neighborhood.

The concept about the features that contribute to a lively and attractive urban space is not easy to be defined, the investigation is about how design strategies contribute to more lively and attractive urban spaces and focuses on interrelated elements and the relation of the space with the city.

It considers the organization and division of functions of these public and open areas, and the location of points of orientation inside and outside the park, as anchors. The investigation aims to understand into the main and side entrances of the parks, and how they are opened to the city the spatial and visual continuity of the parks, and its relationship with the urban fabric are part of the analyses.

The two examples are located in the city fringe and must deal with homeless and drug user issues. Social issues should also be considered. The design of urban areas focused on pedestrians and the connectivity between cities’ uses and activities, instead of that prioritizing traffic flows, seems to contribute to it.


Urban spaces Design strategies Urban parks Global South 


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  • Mariana de Cillo Malufe Spignardi
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  1. 1.Faculty of Architecture and UrbanismUniversity of Sao Paulo-USPSão PauloBrazil

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