Basic Interpretation Skills

  • Tom AdriaenssensEmail author


Due to its capacity to provide ultra-high detail images in an in vivo setting, intracoronary optical coherence tomography (OCT) has been adopted enthusiastically by the interventional community. For the individual operator, confronted with a set of >200 cross-sectional images after acquisition of a single pullback, sound knowledge of essential aspects of the images is indispensable, as well as appropriate skills for optimal acquisition of OCT images. In this chapter, we present a step by step approach that will help operators to plan the procedure properly, provide high quality OCT pullbacks and gain confidence in systematic and correct image interpretation. Key to interpretation success is the recognition of specific findings, both in the setting of assessing coronary artery disease, as well as studying results after percutaneous coronary intervention and stent implantation. Due to important differences in optical characteristics between different components of the vessel wall in healthy and diseased states, different components of atherosclerotic disease (such as fibrous plaques, fibrocalcific plaques and fibroatheromas) can be readily discriminated. Finally, we discuss strengths and limitations of the current technology, and possible pitfalls and artifacts that might carry a risk of over- or misinterpretation.


Image acquisition Fibrous plaque Lipid plaque Calcified plaque Calcified nodule Thin capped fibroatheroma Macrophages Edge dissection 


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