Nuclear Medicine Imaging of Diabetic Foot Infections

  • Chiara Lauri
  • Luigi Uccioli
  • Alberto Signore


Diabetic foot infections represent a severe complication of long-standing diabetes. If not adequately recognized, the infection could spread from a foot ulcer to the bone, thus causing osteomyelitis (OM) that exposes the patients to the risk of amputation, bacteraemia/septicaemia and death. One of the most difficult aspects in the evaluation of a diabetic foot is to differentiate between OM, soft tissue infection (STI) and Charcot foot because these three conditions require very different therapeutic approaches. Despite the correct diagnosis could be achieved with the isolation of the pathogen from bone or soft tissues, it would be desirable to have non-invasive test able to diagnose and localize an infection with high accuracy. In this chapter, we examine the pros and cons of NM modalities in the approach at diabetic foot disorders.




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