Overview of Materials Testing of Brown-Coal Mining Machines (Years 1985–2017)

  • Łukasz KonatEmail author
  • Grzegorz Pękalski


This multi-subject study is focused on some crucial material issues related to brown-coal mining machines. These issues include degradation problems of rimmed steels used till the 1980s for structures of excavator bodies. The performed research works resulted in resigning this group of materials in construction of new or modernised machines. Degradation examinations and the resulting evaluation of degradation condition of the materials are currently applied for bridge structures. Systematic selection of materials (together with complex heat treatment) can be illustrated by the presented process of selecting materials for the travelling unit of a machine. Problems of abrasive wear under dynamic loads are presented on the examples of bucket teeth of excavators, pad-welded layers of chutes of a bucket wheel and low-alloy martensitic steels (with Hardox steels especially considered). The main thesis of the presented study, documented also by results of a service experiment, is that wider application of these materials can be critically important for the service life of opencast mining machines. The main issue is elimination, by proper thermal treatment, of heat-affected zones in the vicinity of welded joints, characterised by reduced resistance to abrasive wear. A thermal treatment of welded joints is also suggested, leading to homogenisation of microstructures in heat-affected zones and in base materials, as well as to definite improvement of mechanical properties of the joints.


Mining machines Material issues Degradation Travelling mechanism Abrasive wear Low-alloy martensitic steels Welded joints 


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