Recent Developments in Ocular Oncology

  • Bertil DamatoEmail author


This article reviews recent developments in ocular oncology, focusing on uveal melanoma, retinoblastoma, choroidal metastasis, retinal lymphoma, conjunctival melanoma and conjunctival carcinoma. The management of patients with uveal melanoma has been revolutionized by studies revealing genetic predictors of metastatic disease. Ocular treatment continues to develop, so that vision is conserved more successfully. Treatment for radiation-induced ocular morbidity has become more effective thanks to anti-angiogenic agents and ablation or excision of the ‘toxic’ irradiated tumor. The management of patients with retinoblastoma has improved thanks to intra-arterial and intra-vitreal chemotherapy as well as advances in genetics. Choroidal metastases are increasingly diagnosed by biopsy. Novel anti-cancer therapies have resulted in a wide variety of novel adverse effects. The management of patients with vitreoretinal lymphoma has advanced with developments in imaging and laboratory analyses as well as immunotherapy and therapeutic vitrectomy. Conjunctial tumors are treated more successfully with greater use of adjunctive radiotherapy as well as topical therapy with interferon and chemotherapeutic agents. Patients with ocular malignancy are increasingly being treated in specialist ocular oncology centers because of greater awareness of the need for more holistic care, provided by experienced multidisciplinary teams.


Uveal melanoma Retinoblastoma Uveal metastasis Vitreoretinal lymphoma Drug-induced adverse events Conjunctival melanoma Conjunctival carcinoma 


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