Ocular Herpes Simplex

  • Shruti Aggarwal
  • Deborah Pavan-Langston


Herpes simplex virus (HSV) can present as a variety of ocular diseases. Keratitis, including epithelial and stromal, is a leading cause of infectious corneal blindness, particularly in developed countries. Most humans are infected with HSV-1 in early childhood and maintain latent infection throughout their lifetime. While majority remain asymptomatic, some can reactivate and also experience recurrences. Recent epidemiological studies show that the incidence and prevalence of ocular HSV are on the rise. This chapter reviews the clinical disease, traditional and evolving medical and surgical therapeutic options, and future directions in prevention strategies, including development of vaccination.


Ocular herpes simplex Herpes simplex keratitis Recurrent herpes simplex keratitis Dendritic keratitis Stromal keratitis Inflammation High-risk corneal graft 


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