Nephrolithiasis and Pregnancy

  • Patrick Samson
  • Michael SchwartzEmail author
  • Lee Richstone


The state of pregnancy introduces additional hurdles in the diagnosis and management of renal and ureteral calculi. Although new imaging modalities have been developed in recent years in hopes of more accurate diagnosis, the reluctance of patients and physicians alike to experiment with unknown risks has prevented widespread usage of newer technology. Luckily, a large proportion of pregnant women with symptomatic nephrolithiasis can be treated conservatively. However, for patients who do require more invasive treatment, the options must be considered thoroughly as each has its own set of risks and benefits.


Nephrolithiasis and pregnancy Pregnancy and nephrolithiasis Renal colic in pregnancy Hydronephrosis in pregnancy Renal and ureteral calculi in pregnancy Urolithiasis in pregnancy 


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