Specific Features of Risk Management in the Industrial and Agricultural Sectors

  • Dmitry Chernov
  • Didier Sornette


This subsector includes the following industries according to ISIC Rev. 4:
  • 05—Mining of coal and lignite

  • 06—Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas

  • 07—Mining of metal ores

  • 08—Other mining and quarrying

  • 09—Mining support service activities

  • 49—Transport via pipelines (we will include this service activity, which is part of the production process of many energy companies, in the subchapter)

  • 50—Water transportation of energy-related substances by tankers (as with pipeline transportation, we will include tanker transportation in this subchapter)

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  • Dmitry Chernov
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  • Didier Sornette
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