Atmospheric Spaces

  • Hermann Schmitz


The chapter offers a short history of the concept of space, from which it derives a differentiation of spaces. More importantly, it is shown that it is necessary to consider the felt body as the object that lives “in” and “through” said spaces. The felt body—as opposed to the biological body—is something that a human being can feel as belonging to himself in the region of his body without resorting to the five senses. Furthermore, the chapter shows that human beings as felt bodies have developed techniques of designing spaces according to emotional and atmospheric needs. In this sense, habitation is the culture of emotions—which are atmospheres with a tendency towards a total expanse within the space of felt presence—in enclosed spaces.


Space Phenomenology Atmosphere Felt body Habitation 



This chapter was originally published in German, see Schmitz, H. (2014). Atmosphärische Räume. Atmosphären (pp. 13–29), Freiburg-München: Alber. It was translated into English by Martin Bastert.


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