Erasmus and Nicholas of Cusa on Islam

  • Nathan Ron


Erasmus’ and Nicolas of Cusa’s attitudes toward Islam are compared here. Certain historians have pointed to Erasmus’ objection to crusades and to the term semichristiani, which Erasmus occasionally used in referring to Muslims, as a demonstration of Erasmus’ toleration. The term semichristiani supposedly echoes Cusanus’ optimistic view that the Turks were “half-Christians.” However, Cusanus never used this term, and in Erasmus’ writings the term is integrated aside harsh denigration of the Turks. Erasmus’ hostile attitude toward the Turks and Islam is far from the toleration that Cusanus demonstrates in his On the peace of the faith. Erasmus’ De bello Turcico should be compared to Cusanus A scrutiny of the Qur’an rather than to his On the peace of the faith.


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