Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty: Surgical Technique

  • Carlos A. Encinas-Ullán
  • Primitivo Gómez-Cardero
  • E. Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán


The number of patients requiring revision of total knee arthroplasty (RTKA) is increasing, despite improvements in technique and implant design. RTKA is a complex procedure that requires a preoperative evaluation so that the proper equipment and prostheses are available in the operating room. Revision knee surgery is a two-step process involving implant removal and joint reconstruction. It is important to select the optimal exposure, to avoid avulsion of the patellar tendon insertion. Component removal is a critical step in successful revision arthroplasty; the goal is preservation of bone stock and prevention of iatrogenic fractures. Adequate joint reconstruction will be achieved by balancing ligaments and flexion/extension gaps, managing bone loss, achieving adequate fixation, and choosing the appropriate revision implant/constraint.


Revision total knee arthroplasty Surgical technique 


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  • Primitivo Gómez-Cardero
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  • E. Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán
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