The Breast

  • Elizabeth MorencyEmail author
  • Luis Z. BlancoJr
  • Lilian C. Wang


While the role of fine needle aspiration (FNA) currently is not as prominent in the diagnosis of conditions of the breast as in other organ sites, it is still a useful diagnostic modality in the setting of a palpable breast mass, especially in conjunction with radiologic findings. On the benign end of the spectrum, aspiration of non-neoplastic breast conditions such as fibrocystic changes and gynecomastia in men or inflammatory/reactive conditions like mastitis or fat necrosis, the results of FNA can quickly and efficiently reassure patients and clinicians alike by ruling out a more dangerous process. In terms of benign fibroepithelial neoplasms such as fibroadenoma and neoplasms of uncertain malignant potential such as phyllodes tumor, the presence of characteristic cytomorphologic features lends itself to diagnosis via FNA as well.


Fibrocystic changes Mastitis Gynecomastia Fibroadenoma Phyllodes tumor Breast carcinoma Lymphoma 


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