Brands and the Psyche

  • Arthur Asa Berger


Freud’s ideas are useful in understanding how brands work and I discuss his theory about the different levels of the psyche and the importance of the unconscious, that part of the psyche to which we do not have access. I also discuss the work of Gerald Zaltman, who also deals with the unconscious, and Ernest Dichter, the father of motivation research. Freud’s ideas about the id, ego, and superego are also used to help understand the role brands play in our psyches and our lives. I offer a discussion of the difference between two kinds of consumers: maximizers and satisfizers. I also deal with cult brands, like Apple and Harley-Davidson. I also offer an example of what I call a “myth model” and use it to explain how myths may play a role in our decisions to purchase this or that brand of an object.


Psyche Unconscious Id Ego Superego Cults Myth 


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