Transmediating the Whedon Classroom

  • Casey McCormick


This chapter tells the story of #engl481, an upper-level undergraduate seminar on Joss Whedon that took place at McGill University in Fall 2017. McCormick designed this course using a transmedia framework: Through tweets, blog posts (online and offline), group work, and creative projects, students engaged across platforms and participated in an active exploration of the Whedonverse. In this chapter, McCormick shares the #engl481 course design and the teaching philosophy behind it, discussing how Whedon’s oeuvre allowed the class to frame questions of authorship, genre, narrative form, and fandom through the broader lens of transmedia culture. Additionally, this chapter includes student reflections that demonstrate how the transmedia classroom enabled different forms of learning, research, and creation. McCormick ultimately argues that transmediating the classroom creates a uniquely dynamic and collaborative learning experience.


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