Vascular Complications in Shoulder Arthroscopy

  • Laurent Lafosse
  • Thibault Lafosse


Vascular complications are extremely rare in shoulder arthroscopy but can be catastrophic. General and surgical difficulties risk and complications in the different field of shoulder’s arthroscopic surgery as well as tips and treatment are described in order to avoid the major complications. General complications are DVT which can lead to post traumatic venous syndrome and lethal pulmonary embolism, and frequently lethal venous air embolism due to air insufflation during arthroscopy. Adapted prevention is crucial. Local complications are link to vessels damage and should be avoided by perfect knowledge of anatomy. As shoulder arthroscopic procedures are evaluating to complex endoscopic procedures, exposure and management of the periarticular vessels becomes more and more frequent. Endoscopic plexus release, arthroscopic Latarjet, tendon transfer require perfect knowledge of the vascular and nerve anatomy of the area as well as a perfect balance of anesthesiologic condition with fluid management in order to avoid major fluid extravasation.


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