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Robotic Liver Resection

  • Amr I. Al Abbas
  • Jae Pil Jung
  • Melissa E. HoggEmail author


Robotic liver resection is an evolving approach for treatment of benign and malignant liver lesions. It offers a variety of advantages such as improved three-dimensional imaging, 540-degree movement of instruments, improved dexterity and precision in vascular dissection and intracorporeal suturing when compared to the laparoscopic approach. Perioperative outcomes of the robotic approach are comparable to those of the laparoscopic and open approaches. Long-term oncologic outcomes are also comparable. The learning curve and potential costs may hinder wide-spread implementation.


Robotic approach Operative technique Patient outcomes Learning curve Cost 


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  • Jae Pil Jung
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  • Melissa E. Hogg
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